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Mrs. Diane Massey

Administrator – Email

Families throughout Yamhill County know Mrs. Massey through her more than 30 years as a teacher or administrator in McMinnville schools. If a family hasn’t met her yet, they seem to form a fast connection as Mrs. Massey’s love for children is immediately apparent. She loves all children. Every child. God gave her desire and ambition in her profession, but He also have her a huge heart that has made her 4 years at MCA a very special place for kids to go to school.

Mrs. Massey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s of Education from Linfield College. She brings her passion for building up inquisitive, courageous, faith-driven, creative and kind kids to MCA each day as the school’s principal. She is goofy and professional at the same time and she is a tireless worker trying to make MCA the best it can be.

The unofficial MCA mascot, Heggie the Hedgehog, is Mrs. Massey’s beloved pet. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 47 years and they have two children and six grandchildren. She very much enjoys baking with her granddaughters (and hosts an after-school cupcake decorating club), Dr. Suess books, making jewelry, gardening, trying to kayak, and eating chocolate, lots of chocolate.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I get to greet each student with a hug or a smile before they walk through the door. It gives me an opportunity to maybe turn a frown into a grin.

Mrs. Massey’s birthday is September 23.

Mrs. Chris Rubado

 Office Manager – Email

Mrs. Rubado continues to welcome families to MCA with her kind smile and generous hugs. Not only has God gifted her with organizational abilities to keep a school running smoothly, He also has given her a heart that expands each year as she learns and loves each and every student.

No one will ever quite know all that Mrs. Rubado accomplishes each year as the list seems never ending, but we do know that she goes the extra mile to make sure the needs of MCA are met. Are the programs and cookies in place for the Christmas program? Is the photographer scheduled for Grandparent’s Day? What’s our next Spirit Day? Have parents been notified about the Awards Assembly? Do we have everything in place for the Math Olympics? How about cupcakes for the Carnival? Yep, she’s got it all under control. And she still saves time for her husband and their two sons – one attending McMinnville High School and one attending Moody Bible College.

Mrs. Rubado’s birthday is May 9.

Mrs. Janel Buller

 Office Assistant – Email

Mrs. Buller welcomes families to MCA with her kind smile.

Mrs. Buller’s birthday is May 9.

Our Teachers

Miss. Becky Johnson

Pre-3/Spanish/Choral/Drama – Email

Parents of the tiniest of pre-schoolers are comforted by Miss Johnson’s constant smile as the littlest head off to sing, dance, craft, and learn about God’s gifts with their beloved teacher. Perhaps it is that she comes from a large family or perhaps because she is a PK (Pastor’s Kid), but Miss Johnson always seems calm, joyful and ready to share her day with lots of excited students. She teaches 3-year-old pre-school in the mornings and Spanish and Choral Music in the afternoons at MCA.

After graduating from Multnomah University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Education, Miss Johnson then completed her Child Development Associate’s Certificate for working with pre-school students. Not only does she have the formal training, she also excels in her role at MCA because she has plenty of practical experience ranging from her love of being a cabin counselor at Christian camps to serving as a Life Skills Coach for adults with developmental disabilities at Oregon’s Young Life camp, Washington Family Ranch.

Miss Johnson’s favorite color is green, she loves animals (especially dogs), she enjoys many styles of music, and her favorite foods are Italian, Mexican and chocolate! One of her favorite verses is Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because the staff I work with is incredible. They are very talented, dedicated, and committed to excellence in Christian Education. I enjoy interacting with every child in the school. We are like family here. Coming to MCA every morning is welcoming, as it is a fun and encouraging place to be!

Mrs. Kassandra VanDyke

Pre-3; – Email

Mrs. VanDyke adores children and she feels led to serve others. This is a perfect combination for MCA’s 3-year-old pre-school teacher.  Three days a week she uses her 10+ years of working with children to inspire, teach and guide the little minds in her busy and joy-filled classroom.  When asked about her favorite part of teaching, Mrs. VanDyke explains that it’s the “ah ha” moment when a child figures something out and the excitement they share when they can do it for the first time.

Beyond MCA, Mrs. VanDyke enjoys nurturing her two enthusiastic children, volunteering for the Hope on the Hill fundraising committee, and farming (Mrs. VanDyke’s husband is a third generation farm owner).  She also thrives on listening to worship music, eating cookies, drinking Pepsi, and family trips camping, kayaking and wake boarding.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because it is such a wonderful team of teachers here who are all serving on the same mission field. To love, listen and educate these precious children all while sharing the love of Christ. If that isn’t the perfect job, I don’t know what is.

Mrs. VanDyke’s birthday is December 22.

Mrs. Jill Seehawer

Pre-4; – Email

Mrs. Seehawer will bless the halls of MCA this year as the 4-year old pre-school teacher as well as the librarian and computer lab teacher. She has plenty of enthusiasm to handle it all and the kids light up when they see her! Maybe it’s because of the Beethoven, Mozart and Christian Kids tunes she plays in her classroom.

Mr. & Mrs. Seehawer have two children and one very loved dog. The family enjoys movie nights, fishing, card games, and spending weekends at the beach with sand between their toes. Mrs. Seehawer collects Department 56 Christmas lighted buildings and has more than 40 (the more whimsical the better, she says). She also loves spumoni ice cream.

In her own words: My favorite part of teaching is the rambunctious greetings, hugs just because, a child’s face after he or she masters a new skill, my list could go on and on.

Mrs. Seehawer’s birthday is March 9.

Mrs. Beth Bennett

Pre-4 – Email

We are thankful that Mrs. Bennett has been at MCA for many years and is currently leading the 4-year-old pre-schoolers. She has a beautiful balance of nurturing and encouraging this precious age while helping them learn a ton…even loads of sign language. Her students know to behave as Mrs. Bennett earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology, but also has much formal training in education and criminal justice!

As a current member of Sheridan Baptist Church, she is also a Sunday School teacher and leader for VBS. Mrs. and Mr. Bennett have three biological children and two foster children. They live on a small farm with 5 goats, 2 horses, 2 dairy cows, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 pig, and lots of chickens. Mrs. Bennett likes to sleep in, but it doesn’t happen very often so instead she enjoys her coffee: sugar-free, skinny, caramel mocha.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I am blessed to work with little children and hear their great stories.

Mrs. Bennett’s birthday is February 16.

Mrs. Tara Hessel

Pre-K – Email

Mrs. Hessel returns to the pre-kindergarten class at MCA. While she has been in education for 10+ years and holds a Bachelor’s degree, it is her ability to beautifully balance learning, faith and fun that keeps her students and their families excited for her class. Her students have watched caterpillars transform into butterflies, tadpoles grow into frogs, read many sight words, written journals, been “special helpers,” sang and danced together, and have painted numerous pictures and crafts.

You may spot Mrs. Hessel on a run around town or cheering for one of her four children at their various extracurricular activities. And sometimes one of the state troopers may even stop by her classroom to check on her…it’s just Mr. Hessel saying hello to his wife.

Mrs. Hessel’s birthday is November 7.

Mrs. Rhonda Thompson

Full Day Kindergarten – Email

Mrs. Thompson is MCA’s beloved kindergarten teacher and has been here for many years!  Her reputation around the community is constantly reaffirmed as numerous kindergarten graduates leave her classroom as confident and eager readers!  Her favorite part of teaching is helping her students find the gift of learning to read.
Born, raised and even stayed in McMinnville for college, Mrs. Thompson and her husband are happily raising their own daughters in McMinnville.  Are you a current parent wondering what surprise you could give Mrs. Thompson as a thank you gift?  Well, she loves pizza and anything sweet, and her favorite color is red.
In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I love seeing my kids smiling faces each morning excited to see what the day will hold.
Mrs. Thompson’s birthday is September 4.

Mrs.  Angelene Garlinghouse

1st Grade – Email

Mrs. Rebecca Davis 

2nd Grade – Email

MCA is delighted to have Mrs. Davis as a second grade teacher. She often comments about the laughter in her classroom as well as the growth and learning she sees in her students – and even learning new things herself! She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University and her Master’s degree from Western Oregon University, and holds a Reading Specialist endorsement and ESOL endorsement.

Mrs. Davis loves animals and because of this, she has many of them. She currently has seven Pomeranians (yes, seven!), two African dwarf frogs, one betta fish, one sun conure bird, and one hedge hog. Mrs. Davis and her husband have five children (two of which are still at home) and two adorable grandchildren!

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I get to play, be silly, laugh, and begin each day with a lesson about God.

Mrs. Davis’ birthday is September 14.

Ms. Anne Taylor

3rd Grades – Email

We celebrate over two decades of Ms. Taylor teaching at MCA. Yes, 20+ years! Ms. Taylor earned her BA from Linfield College and currently blesses our third grade students with her wisdom and encouragement. She is passionate in her teaching about the Lord and motivating students to be excited about learning. You never know what kind of lesson she might bring. In the past they have dissected squid, shark and owl pellets. A dream science class for a third grader!

Her heart is constantly filled with joy when her classes adopt silly sayings during the year such as, “What would you do without us?” When not loving her students, Ms. Taylor enjoys reading mysteries, cooking with lots of garlic and balsamic vinegar, art projects, camping and boating in Bend, eating sushi and seafood, and going to the beach.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I love my job! It is a great staff and a wonderful family environment.

Ms. Taylor’s birthday is December 24.


Mrs. Lindsey Seehawer

4th Grade – Email

Watch out when you’re walking by the fourth grade classroom, you might get hit by a flying rubber band shot by one of the students! Not to worry, Mrs. S has everything under control… it’s just a science lesson and one of many experiments that both students and teacher have tackled together.

Although it may sound a bit playful, Mrs. S (Mrs. Lindsey Seehawer) has the credentials to back up her lesson planning. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Science with an Elementary Education option as well as her Master’s degree in Elementary Education, both from Oregon State University. She also has four sons, all of whom have attended McMinnville Christian Academy (formerly Bethel Christian School).

On a personal note, her family loves sports with a special passion for baseball. She is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, as well as a New England Patriots fan. She sings in the car, she loves Americanos with cream, she likes to eat pizza and Mexican food, enjoys camping at the coast, and her favorite color is blue. In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I know that my students will make me laugh.

Mrs. S’ birthday is June 13.


Mrs. Probasco

5th Grade – Email

Mrs. Probasco hails from Wheaton, Illinois, with a 35-year layover in the San
Francisco Bay area before becoming an Oregonian.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts
in Psychology from Wheaton College and then her teaching credentials at Cal State
East Bay.  She is passionate about education and feels she has the best job ever.
This may be why she has spent more than 3 decades working in Christian schools.

“So many restaurants, so little time!” Mrs. Probasco and her husband, Preston, are
restaurant connoisseurs and enjoy dining out on the town. Her 5th grade students
at MCA say she has earned the night off from cooking since she uses lots of energy
and creative ideas during the school day.

Gibbie and Polly are the Probasco’s cats who likely curl up with Mrs. Probasco as
she reads books from her favorite authors, C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald. Mrs.
Probasco cheers for Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and her favorite
color is red.  She also can’t decide on her favorite Bible verse, but these are
her top two: Corinthians 2:14-16 and Jeremiah 29:11-13.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I have the
privilege of working with wonderful children, parents, staff and administration. 
I am blessed to be able to work at a school where I can share my faith with my
students and colleagues freely and where we can support each other in prayer.

Mrs. Probasco’s birthday is August 6.

Mrs. Walczyk

Music/Band Instructor – Email

Mrs. Walczyk is music to the ears of MCA.  She has been in music education for 20+ years!  Students in kindergarten through 5th grade have music class, key boards, or band with Mrs. Walczyk at least once a week and practice often as she directs the annual Christmas and Easter programs, as well as other events.

A current bass player for the worship team at Church on the Hill, Mrs. Walczyk studied music at Pacific Lutheran University and the University of North Texas.   Part of her background also includes leading a Civil War Fife & Drum Corps for nine years. 

Mrs. Walczyk is a first degree black belt in karate and is happily married with two children.  She enjoys many indoor and outdoor family activities, baking (and eating) chocolate chip cookies, and especially loves cold, cold, Coca Cola.

In her own words: Coming to MCA each morning makes me smile because I get to work with fabulous women and teach children something I love.

Mrs. Walczyk’s birthday is September 26.

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