Beginning in the fall, McMinnville Christian Academy’s student body will include middle schoolers. The school currently serves more than 150 students in pre-school through fifth grade. Next year the school will include sixth grade with the addition of upper grades in sequential years.

Diane Massey, McMinnville Christian Academy’s current administrator states, “Our enrollment continues to steadily grow and our students continue to grow up. It is a blessing that we are now able to accommodate middle school students! We’re able to keep class sizes small and still offer extra activities that students want – like music and art. Our teachers are incredible and the whole MCA community is very excited about this next step. Families started cheering when we announced it.”

Applications to enroll for the 2017-2018 school year (next fall) will be accepted beginning in March.

In September, MCA will continue to serve pre-school through fourth grade in the current location at 325 NW Baker Creek Road in McMinnville. Fifth and sixth grade classrooms will be housed in a secondary campus at 1825 NW 2nd Street where the location allows generous space to house seventh and eighth grades in the coming year. Although the campuses are physically located within the properties of Baker Creek Community Church and Calvary Chapel Church, the school operates as a separate entity.

The school is currently considering options to purchase a bus for transportation of upper grade students from the main campus to the new campus facilities. Massey continues, “An MCA bus would ease the transportation for parents and caregivers who may have children on both campuses. We want all students to be on our main campus for our traditional morning welcome and the Pledge of Allegiance, awards assemblies, for band and choir, for after school care, and special events like the Math Olympics.” Proceeds from MCA’s annual dinner and auction, to be held Saturday, March 4, at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom, will be used as a major funding source for the school bus. Massey promises this year’s event will be special as they launch into the new expansion phase.

To obtain an application for admission to McMinnville Christian Academy for the 2017-2018 academic year (all grades), please call the school office at 503-472-6076. Applications will soon be available via For more information about attending the annual MCA Dinner & Auction and to purchase tickets, please contact the school office at 503-472-6076.