• Why should I pay for an education when my child can get one for free?

    Can you put a price on a Christ-centered education? The question should be what worldview do you want your children to be trained in for 7 hours a day for 5 days a week for 13 years. The cost of a free education could come with a very heavy price tag. There is no price tag that can be put on the value of a Christ-centered education, especially when combined with local church involvement and biblical training at home. The greatest investment you can make is to train your children in the Truth of God’s Word – this will reap eternal rewards. Invest in God’s truth and your investment will not return void.

    -Matthew 24:35
    -Isaiah 55:11


  • I would love to provide my children with a Christian education, but how can I consider it when I know I can’t afford it?

    You might be surprised by how affordable a Christian education can be. MCA offers a Christ-centered education and offers tuition assistance programs. We would encourage you to inquire about, and apply for, assistance if needed, and trust the Lord to provide for all of your needs.

    -2 Corinthians 9:8
    -Luke 9:23


  • Aren’t Christian schools just an overprotective way of sheltering children from the real world?

    We believe that in public education, students are “sheltered” from Truth. MCA teaches about all faiths and beliefs through a Christian worldview, so that our students are able to know the facts and choose what to believe. In public education children are not taught about religion or presented with all worldviews, but rather, are told what to believe. With that in mind, which instructional setting do you think is more sheltered?

    -John 17:14


  • Shouldn’t my children be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” in a public school?

    Many Christian parents are concerned that taking their children out of public school will deprive them of the opportunity to be “salt and light” to the unsaved. Can a child be “salt and light” in a Christian school? There are a few things to be considered concerning this:

    There is a misconception that 100% of students in a Christian school are saved. Many students raised in a Christian home are still searching for their identity in Christ. Surrounding those students with Biblical truths and with teachers and classmates who are strengthening their faith is daily opportunity to evangelize.

    The purpose of a Christian school is to work with parents and the Christian community to prepare students to be “salt and light” wherever God chooses to place them in life. Because being “salt and light” is a lifelong calling for believers, the preparation time of thirteen years is relatively short in comparison.

    Submitting a child under the daily influence teachers and/or classmates who does not believe in Christ may not be evangelistic, but perhaps unduly burdensome for a child. It may then be that the secular influence would cause a child to actually “lose their saltiness.” Soldiers are not sent into the battlefield until they have successfully completed a rigorous training program and are fully equipped to fight. Similarly, Christian education helps equip and empower young people to build a strong foundation in their faith and in Truth, so they can stand strong in Jesus as they venture out into the world as young adults.

    -Matthew 5:16


  • Why should I drive my children to a Christian school when we live next to a public school (or can use public school bus transportation)?

    You make sacrifices everyday and invest in the activities and services that you know will benefit your children the most – why should you approach their education any differently? If your children are ill you take them to the doctors and specialists they need to see, regardless of the cost. If your child is gifted in baseball, you probably invest time and money to place him on a travel team to get the training and experience he needs to further develop his skills. You do the same for your children if they are gifted in music, art, swimming, etc. You want the best for your children and you daily make sacrifices to provide the best. Your children will spend over 15,000 hours, between kindergarten and twelfth grade, receiving their educational training. Consider investing in God’s best.


  • Why does McMinnville Christian Academy only go through 8th grade?

    We are currently making changes to help the school grow. One of those changes is focusing on the grades we do have and making the educational and social experience so wonderful people will be asking us to add more grades.

    We also have students switch to other schools, both private and public, after 8th grade just as many kids go from elementary school to a new school for high school. These students have progressed successfully with their foundation from McMinnville Christian Academy, and often they are ahead of other students in their grade at their new school.


  • If my child isn’t Christian, Protestant, or attend the Baker Creek Community Church, will s/he have trouble fitting in with the other students?

    We here at MCA and Baker Creek Community Church, as they are partnered together, believe that God’s love is open for any and all and we look forward to working with each student. We teach from God’s word, the Bible, and let families decide denominational issues for themselves at home.


  • What if I am unable to get to the school by 3:00PM each day for pick up after school?

    MCA offers after school care for any student from 3:00 PM -5:30 PM every school day. Check out the applicable fees on our After School Care page.